TIMS features  

    TIMS includes well thought out features for bus companies. A few of the most important features are listed below.

  • Order management from offer to invoicing
  • Creating and modifying new single or repeated routes
  • Guided selection to assign drivers and vehicels for routes
  • Checking routes for inconsistent or overlapping assignments
  • Defining service work for vehicles and drivers
  • Managing driver vacations and other absences
  • Printed assignments for drivers which includes all necessary information for a workday
  • Printing route schedules, planned routes and hour reports
  • Adding confirmed routes to invoice template
  • Multilanguage support including Finnish, Swedish and English
  • Software is continuously developed and updated


    TIMS has different views for different purposes. Most important of them are listed below.

  • Routes table. Includes route information between the selected dayspan in a list format. Drivers and vehicles can easily be picked for each route. For example it's easy to check that tomorrow or next week all routes are valid. Efficient filters make it easy to select only required information. For example all routes that a specific customer has ordered or all routes which are assigned to specific contract.
  • Route information. Edit window for selected route where the user can edit information of a specific route like vehicle and driver, start and end times, schedule, route status, contact person and if necessary, also passenger list. Special requirements are defined in this view also. For example air conditioning, drivers knowledge of languages and passenger count.
  • Route planning In this view the user can see an overview of the usage of vehicles and drivers on a specific day. Drivers and vehicles can also be assigned in the route planning view. Assigning is done by dragging a driver from the bottom of the screen to the used vehicle. View can also be other way around and then assigning is done by dragging a vehicle from the bottom of the screen to the used driver. The software will check the validity of the information "on-fly" and will warn the user if there are inconsistencies or errors.
  • Other views  Reports, statistics, contracts, invoice templates, VAT-bases, abnormal days in calendar, adverse work compensations, backups, and users.
Technical information  
  • TIMS uses the Microsoft SQL Server 2005- database which is an excellent choice for smaller or even larger needs. Express edition is also supported.
  • TIMS can be run on standalone computer, in a workgroup or in a domain which makes it very scalable from small to large environments.
  • TIMS is fully Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 compatible. It can also be run on older Windows operating systems.
  • Multi user architecture allows an unlimited number of concurrent users in net which makes it suitable for even the largest environments.
  • When TIMS is used as a demo version, by default it uses Microsoft Access database which makes the installation of the demo version very easy and fast.